Ismash Training Principles

To us at I smash coaching is the art of understanding the science and then applying based on Individual capabilities and Goals.

Our team is a mix of NIS Coaches and past players who have performed at the National level. We also take specific help from specialists on Physical fitness, Nutrition and psychology for our professional Players.

Once enrolled every athlete goes through the below phases

Ismash Badminton Training Center

General principles of training at I Smash


From a simple point of view, specificity of training refers to whether training is relevant. Relevant power training for Badminton would simulate some of the movements which are experienced on the court. An example would be the use of lunges for strength development.


When a given kind of training is introduced for the first time, it is important that the training is initially fairly easy for the player to perform. With experience, the training progresses . In fitness training, this means that the stimulus to improve fitness is slowly increased so that fitness improves gradually from one stage to the next.


To keep the sessions interesting the trainings are varied in order to enhance both physical and psychological development.

Training techniques

The type of training used by badminton players is generally related to the standard of the player. There are multiple series of drills that are designed to address the needs of players at different stages of development.

Warm Up and Warm Down
Any exercise is a considerable stress on the human body and the body should be given time to adapt to exercise and also to recover from exercise. Warm-up and warm-down are similar in principle and similar exercises can mostly be used for both purposes.

Warm–down is the opposite of warm–up and is performed after completion of an exercise session. The purpose of warm down is to maintain a slightly elevated metabolism which will help to promote recovery from the exercise that has just taken place.

On Court and Off Court
Playing games will nearly always have some fitness benefit as well as the obvious technical and tactical benefits. But it should be appreciated that sole use of games will not be effective in achieving long lasting Improvement. Depending on the players stage and Goals we design various on court and off court activities to promote progress.

Physical Fitness specific to badminton:

Strength , Endurance , Speed and flexibility are very general while their role in badminton is very specific. All the modules and exercises are developed keeping their role in badminton.


We at I smash appreciate that the Goals of different people are different. we customise the programs in such a way that one can gain maximum keeping his priorities in mind.